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Investing In Your Peace of Mind: ESG Investments

By: Eric Matsko, Financial Planning Analyst

Invest in Your Peace of MindTM. This very slogan has been the cornerstone of Allegheny Financial Group’s beliefs for decades. But what exactly does it mean? That is the beauty of it; it means something […]

Newton, Social Media, and Bitcoin: Human Behavior and Investment Decisions

By: David Jeter, CFP®

Constructing financial projections involves hard data and analytics to optimize one’s situation.  But to plan well in any endeavor, it should be understood that human behavior has a significant impact on future results.

Have you […]

Behavioral Finance: Taking the Emotion Out of Investing

By: Matt Jaspert, Financial Planning Associate

Discussing finance is generally something most people like to avoid. Are we saving enough? Can we pay for the kids to go to college? When can we retire? All of these questions and countless others […]

Batter Up! An Investors Approach at the Plate

By: David Jeter, CFP®

Successful investors may not know it but they approach their financial planning like a successful hitter in baseball. As spring arrives and major league baseball begins again, I’m reminded of what effective hitters do. […]

The Importance of Saving

By: Nancy D. McKee, CFP®

Having a retirement plan in place is fantastic, but adding to it is crucial to building a bigger savings balance.  It can be hard to set aside money each pay for something that […]

Long-Term Investing Trumps Short-Term Fears

We are cursed to live in interesting times. This election cycle presented us with two candidates, who, by all accounts, were the two least popular in American history. On November 8th, the American people elected Donald Trump the 45th President […]

Newly Minted Adult Children – What did(n’t) we teach them?

By: Sherry Kendrick, CFP®

As the parent of three young Millennials, ages 25, 23 and 19 years old, I pondered this question.

I did a fair bit of reflecting this past week as I visited with my parents in […]

“Batting leadoff, McCutchen, batting second, McCutchen, batting in the third spot, McCutchen…”

By: David Jeter, CFP®

The first quarter of the year is behind us, and investors went for quite a ride in three months.  In baseball parlance, in January and February, we couldn’t buy a hit, while in March, […]

Billy Joel and Investment Success

By: David Jeter, CFP®

When I was younger, I didn’t go to nearly enough music concerts.  So now I am making sure I see some of the icons of my youth.  On July 1st, Billy Joel is coming […]

Remembering Investment Returns vs. Investor Returns

By: Mark A. Manetti, CFP®

Do you happen to remember the top headlines from this time last year?  Chances are that you may not recall, and it happens to all of us from time to time.  Our memory […]