Managing your financial assets is critical to your family’s or your business’s well-being. Whether it’s growing your assets, creating income or minimizing taxes, our team of professionals will work with you to manage your assets for long-term success.

The first and most important step in the investment management process is asset allocation, which is determining the right proportion of each category of assets. The purpose is balancing risk and return to match your objectives. We provide the personal attention, data, skills, and techniques to help you make informed decisions.
The core principle of investment management at Allegheny is diversification. Your Allegheny advisor works with our team of specialists to select the most appropriate investments and managers to ensure consistent portfolio performance. We carefully monitor and evaluate your portfolio, tracking performance against your goals and delivering detailed analysis, recommendations, and tax information. The result is a balanced portfolio, designed to provide the highest level of return consistent with your goals and risk tolerance.

Allegheny’s investment research starts where others stop. Not content by simply reacting to the market or commercial reports, we do original research that allows us to identify significant trends that will affect your portfolio. We also share our research with you in a variety of easy-to-understand reports and a quarterly Capital Market Review.

Our goal is to know and trust a fund management team before we entrust them with your assets. So, we interview and screen fund managers before recommending them. This kind of on-going due diligence exemplifies our commitment to clients and their objectives.

If you want the highest level of service and planning to manage performance and risk in your investment portfolio – or a business/institutional retirement plan – consider Allegheny’s Asset Management Program. Our team of experienced investment professionals will take over all the critical jobs of managing your portfolio, including:

  • Organizing your assets to improve performance
  • Designing an effective investment policy to meet your financial objectives
  • Diversifying your assets to protect your principal from large losses
  • Selecting the right combination of experts, employing a team of successful fund managers who meet our strict screening requirements
  • Monitoring your portfolio for investment results and allocation adjustment needs
  • Reporting on your progress, clearly showing the performance of your investments