2022 has not been kind to capital markets through the first four months of the year. A combination of inflation, rising rates, the Fed, the war in Ukraine, and COVID-19 lock downs in China have posed headwinds throughout most of the year. April brought many of the same worries, as well as the kickoff to […]
Rising Inflation Beginning last spring and continuing through 2022, rising inflation has become the dominant factor, both spooking markets and squeezing the already tight budgets for millions of Americans. Global supply chain disruptions continue as China and other countries lockdown their economies to battle COVID. Shortages of computer chips, new and used cars, furniture, battery […]
Conversations for Millennials quickly shifted from discussing Legally Blonde and Backstreet Boys to how to build wealth faster than Ricky Bobby (Okay, that may have been too many 2000s references in one sentence). All jokes aside, wealth accumulation at an early age can impact financial positions as we mature. Increasing wealth begins with work, and […]
Apr 20th, 2022
As we approach the end of a first quarter filled with macroeconomic and geopolitical events, stocks finished the last two weeks in positive territory, which feels like a win, albeit a small one. Even with the negative events that have occurred to start the year, the S&P 500 Index is down just 4.4%, through the […]
Put simply, people work most of their lives to meet current expenses, obtain certain goals, and hopefully enjoy retirement. For some, retirement means kicking back more in their later years and spending time with loved ones. It may also look like helping children and grandchildren with educational endeavors or making sure loved ones are taken […]
Mar 24th, 2022
The year has changed, and along with it, contribution limits to many tax-advantaged accounts. Each year the Treasury Department reviews the contribution limits in light of inflation data. As we all have read about or experienced as consumers, 2021 was a big year for inflation. Therefore, contribution limits for many tax-advantaged accounts have increased for […]
Mar 03rd, 2022
Inflation-induced market volatility has been center stage over recent months until geopolitics quickly became the top story with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. We are by no means foreign policy experts; we do not wish to diminish the humanitarian crisis developing in Eastern Europe, but as financial planners we need to consider investment risks, and even […]
Allegheny Financial Group awards support organizations making a difference in the North Hills area. Allegheny Financial Group, a financial planning and investment management firm, announced today the Eighth Annual Good Neighbor Awards recipients. The eight award recipients include Avalon Public Library, Crisis Center North, Girls on the Run program at Bellevue Elementary School, HEARTH, North […]