Britt R. Campbell, is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ affiliated with Allegheny Investments, a regional financial planning and investment management firm located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Britt has specialized in financial planning since 1976. He draws on his long experience in the field to provide pre- and post-retirement planning for individuals, focusing on lump-sum distributions, company pensions, and asset allocation. His experience serving executive employees and retirees at several Fortune 500 companies, as well as training and supervising personal financial planners, affords him exceptional objectivity and sensitivity to client needs.

Britt directs his clients through a process called “What If” planning. This process helps clients make better decisions when accumulating wealth, managing risk or planning for retirement. Britt is involved in the construction and execution of broad-based investment portfolios, which include multiple asset classes based on investment strategy statements customized to fit the individual client situation. While employing several time-proven investment disciplines and strategies, Britt continues to monitor and conduct periodic review meetings with his clients. A graduate of Miami Dade College, with a degree in Business Administration, Britt is active in many professional and civic activities, including the Financial Planning Association, whose goals are to establish and maintain professionalism in financial planning.

Britt has been recognized in Pittsburgh Magazine as a Five Star Wealth Manager. Five Star Professional evaluates award candidates against 10 objective eligibility and evaluation criteria through nominations by firms, peers or pre-qualification based on industry standing. Five Star Professional then partners with regional publications in more than 45 major markets in the United States and Canada, including Pittsburgh Magazine, to recognize the winners.