Allegheny Financial Group

Allegheny was established in 1976 by James J. Browne, CFP®, and James D. Hohman, CFP®, as a fee-based financial planning firm. These two men saw a need in the marketplace to provide objective, comprehensive advice not tied to specific products. For over 40 years, this has been a key piece to the Allegheny culture and ethic.

In 1977, Allegheny Investments was established as a broker/dealer division to broaden the access to products and services and provide an avenue for like-minded financial professionals to team with Allegheny Financial Group and collaborate on providing service independent of products. In the following years, Allegheny added a formal Investment Research group; the team of financial planning analysts was broadened to help with the work load; we established the Pittsburgh chapter of the predecessor organization to the Financial Planning Association; and many more objective, comprehensive advisors joined the team.
Allegheny founders James J. Browne, CFP® and James D. Hohman, CFP®

Allegheny Financial Group Today

Today, Allegheny Financial Group is an SEC-registered investment advisory firm offering clients assistance in every aspect of financial life, including financial planning, portfolio management, market analysis, risk management, and business and estate planning. Successfully bringing together and leveraging expertise in all of these areas, Allegheny Financial Group is one of the most comprehensive providers of integrated financial services in the nation.
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    Founded in 1976, Allegheny Financial Group is a pioneer in Pittsburgh’s financial planning industry.
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    Earn client trust through the highest degree of personal attention, specialized knowledge, and first-rate market research.
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    Advise on more than $4 billion in client assets with a full, professional staff for research and analysis, trading, underwriting, reporting, accounting, compliance and more.
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    An independent firm that is not tied to any specific product or company, resulting in the freedom to select any investment.
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    Privately owned by financial planning professionals.
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    A registered broker/dealer. Member FINRA/SIPC