Financial Planning PittsburghIn today’s dynamic world, financial planning is more than the habit of setting money aside. It’s the process of making solid decisions consistently so that the money you worked hard for works just as hard in return.

For individuals and families, Allegheny Financial Group advisors are experts at doing just that. With innovative tools, active research, and proven approaches, we build a plan around your personal goals, and continuously monitor and manage that plan to keep you on track for meeting or surpassing them.

Your financial situation and aspirations are uniquely yours. We believe your financial plan should be, too. That’s why our approach to planning is personal. With a one-to-one philosophy of client service, Allegheny Financial Group advisors listen to where you want to go financially and craft the best strategy to get you there — because we understand that making your objectives our sole focus is fundamental in putting together the most responsible, most effective plan for you.

Here are the steps we take to accomplish that:


Our financial planning experts identify internal and external factors that could come into play and affect the likelihood of you achieving your financial goals. We determine your tolerance for risk, and establish your need for education funding, retirement planning, estate planning or tax planning.

Develop your plan

After you’ve set your goals — and we completely understand them — your advisor will work with you to determine the steps and strategies to getting started on the right path.


Your Allegheny Financial Group advisor puts the plan we create for you in action and provides the expertise, guidance, and assistance you need to stay on course.

Measure & Evaluate Your Plan’s Progress

The final step in our process is a continuous one. Your advisor will regularly monitor and diligently evaluate the performance of each part of your plan and any corresponding investments to ensure that your long-term and short-term goals are on track. If your needs or priorities change, your advisor will expertly adapt your plan in response to these new realities.

With our guidance, Allegheny Financial Group can help protect you from the financial impact of life’s unexpected turns.

Having plans for your retirement is one thing. Having the financial plan that makes them possible is what we’re here to help you build. Whether designing a retirement plan from scratch or making adjustments to one that’s already in motion, Allegheny Financial Group has the expertise, insights and tools to help you retire to the life you want.

We can also help you navigate the myriad benefit programs available to employees to find the one that works best for them and for your business.

More than just lowering this year’s tax bill, our tax planning expertise can deliver long-term benefits for your retirement, education savings, business management and estate planning. We can accurately project your future tax liabilities and craft a strategy to optimize your savings.


To leave a meaningful, lasting legacy means making the best possible choices today. That requires an advanced level of financial and tax expertise, but it demands something more — a commitment to getting to know you, and truly understanding and embracing your goals. That’s exactly what Allegheny Financial Group provides.

The cost of college is rising at a faster rate than the Consumer Price Index. So, if you’re saving to help pay for an education for your children or grandchildren, our financial experts can customize a plan that achieves your goals and meets their needs.