Long-Term, Strategic Tax PlanningTax Planning Pittsburgh

Our tax strategies are designed to complement your overall financial plan by helping to protect and preserve your wealth. Through an array of tax planning services, Allegheny Financial Group can work directly with your tax accountant to review your past returns and identify opportunities to reduce your tax liability, including:

Investment decisions should not be driven primarily or solely by tax considerations, but you can find ways to add to the success of your portfolio by being attentive to tax planning techniques. These ideas may include managing taxes through capital gains, tax losses, loss carryforwards, tax-exempt securities, and tax deferral through Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, and 401k accounts.

Based on your situation and – above all – your goals, our experts can help you manage your portfolio for tax advantages by considering: the type of account you hold, selecting the right investment products, timing buying, and selling during the year, and taking advantage of losses in a portfolio.