In addition to financial planning and investment management, Allegheny Financial Group provides a comprehensive range of financial services:

Our wide range of tools help protect you from life’s unexpected events, and help you cover with them:

  • Life Insurance
  • Long-term Care Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Fixed or Variable Annuities
Planning for retirement can be a daunting task. Will you have enough money during retirement to sustain the lifestyle you’ve dreamed of? Our advisors can design – or refine – a retirement program that selects from the full range of cost and tax-efficient tools and programs to help you meet your retirement objectives.

Planning for the retirement of your employees? Retirement plan and benefit program choices are numerous, and the costs widely vary. Our retirement experts can provide you indispensable experience and knowledge to assist in your decision making.

Reducing your tax liabilities for the current year is a compelling reason in itself to do tax planning. But, tax planning is also critical for successful business management, retirement, education or estate planning, or real estate management.

We can make detailed projections of your future tax liabilities and recommend strategies that may include:

  • Income shifting
  • Tax deferral techniques
  • Tax-efficient investing strategies
Creating a lasting legacy depends on some important steps you take today. Preserving assets and minimizing estate taxes requires planning, expertise and most of all, personal knowledge and attention. Our advisors have the resources to help you design an estate plan that accomplishes the goals you set.
If funding education for children or grandchildren is among your priorities, there are a variety of options to consider. These options include:

  • Tax-efficient savings plans such as a 529 plan or Education IRA
  • Taxable savings and investments
  • Loans

Our advisors have the tools to determine the best means of funding your family’s education.

Business Acquisitions and Private Equity Investments

Through an independent acquisitions firm, Allegheny Financial Group organizes investor groups seeking to acquire equity stakes in companies as long-term, passive investments. Ideally, the investor group provides personal liquidity for owners of profitable, well-run companies who want continued equity ownership and operating responsibility of their business. Transactions are structured to provide significant financial incentives to owner-sellers who continue to improve company performance.

 Our Business Planning Approach

Allegheny has facilitated investment in more than 20 companies using this method, resulting in combined historical revenues in excess of $100 million. Reflecting their commitment to the success of these transactions, Allegheny principals are among the investors in every transaction completed to date.

Investment Criteria

  • Industry Focus: Manufacturing/Industry (primary), Consumer Products, Electronics, Energy, Health Care, Infrastructure, Service, Software, Technology, Telecommunications, Transportation, Utilities, Other
  • Deal Structure: Asset or Stock Purchases, typically with cash, bank note, and earn-out components, as well as seller equity participation in the post-transaction entity
  • EBITDA:  $200,000 – $2,000,000
  • Geography: Eastern United States
  • Investment Stage: Post-Revenue Equity (will consider convertible debt)
  • Non-starters: Retail, Restaurants, Real Estate, Start-ups, No Management, Turnarounds, Excessive Debt

Preference to:

  • Lower Middle-Market Companies with high-quality management teams
  • Proven products/services with key competitive advantages and proprietary products/processes
  • Demonstrated track record of profitability with the potential to grow revenue
  • Passive/Long-term Hold (aim to never sell)
  • Majority Positions (will consider minority)

For Business Acquisition inquiries, please contact:
Mark A. Manetti, CFP®