Matt Kelly, CFP

Matthew D. Kelly is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner with Allegheny Financial Group where he offers professional, comprehensive financial planning services to individuals and small businesses.

Education & Professional Credentials

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    Mercyhurst University | Bachelor of Arts in Finance
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    CFP® Practitioner, Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards

Professional Experience

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    Prior to joining Allegheny Financial in 2010, Matt worked for a Washington, D.C. firm specializing in the design of executive retirement plans for various companies and health care systems
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    Transitioned to the role of associate financial advisor in 2012
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    Transitioned to the role of financial advisor in 2017

BHKM Group

Our practice provides comprehensive financial planning and investment management to households, small businesses, and pension plans. Sensitive to each client’s unique circumstances and objectives, we focus on achieving those objectives. We believe a deep understanding of each client is essential to providing the advice over the long term that makes achievement of those objectives both possible and likely.


We believe in comprehensive financial planning based on sound economics as a methodology for creating and preserving wealth. This is a continuous process that is comprised of meeting with clients, reviewing the various financial aspects of their lives, and implementing ideas where appropriate. We believe in capitalism as a foundation for investment management. Our number one priority is delivering exceptional service so our clients view us as a trusted advisor for their wide range of needs.

BHKM Team Financial Advisors and Managers
BHKM Advisors and Managers — Front row left to right: James J. Browne, CFP®; Jonathan A. Kuhn, CFP®; Back row from left to right: Mark A. Manetti, CFP®; Carolyn Madigan; Brandon J. Haynes, CFP®; Sherry A. Kendrick, CFP®; Matthew D. Kelly, CFP®; Ryan Walczak, CFP®.
BHKM Group Financial Planners
BHKM Group Financial Planners