Do your professional and business objectives include any of these?

  • Highest degree of professionalism
  • On-going professional and career development
  • Serving clients is your main priority
  • Providing comprehensive and independent financial advice to clients
  • Development of a business, not a ‘book’
  • Long-term focus
  • Independence and collaboration
  • Freedom and responsibility with a framework of support
  • Income growth

Then consider this: providing financial advisors the resources to serve individual, family and business clients is Allegheny’s sole business.

Allegheny provides our advisors the full of support that they need to give comprehensive, independent financial advice and service of the highest quality – and to grow their own careers and businesses.

Our advisors include full-time employees, independents and others affiliated by custom contract. We are seeking financial-service professionals who share our approach to the business.

Allegheny has built a platform of invaluable resources for like-minded professional, comprehensive advisors. Our platform comprises intellectual resources, technological resources, and operational resources. Because no advisor is an expert in every discipline, Allegheny provides resources that each advisor can tap to the extent needed. These resources free time for you and your staff, letting you spend more time on revenue-producing priorities.

In short, Allegheny is a professional, comprehensive firm with an exceptional platform to help you perform – exceptionally.

Intellectual Resources

  • Independent Investment Research, including portfolio models and continually updated recommended-investment lists
  • Financial Planning professional support staff
  • Asset Management professional staff
  • Insurance professional support staff
  • Practice management support that includes business development programs, case studies, best-practices sharing, libraries, research subscriptions, even space, facilities and back-office staff support, and much more
  • Managed Accounts
  • Private Equity Investments
  • Business Consulting support
  • Tax Planning support
  • Estate Planning support
  • Retirement Planning and Retirement Plan support
  • Trust Services

Technological Resources

  • Analytic and Planning software
  • Account Management software
  • Financial Advisor Extranet with instant access to vast information, tools, and materials, including department-specific information, investment research, forms, schedules and more
  • Automated Online Processing for new accounts, trades and routine administrative tasks to streamline account management and free time for client service and client development
  • Online, two-way communications to alert advisors to time-sensitive, account-specific items requiring attention
  • Sophisticated Control Procedures to assure regulatory compliance

Operational Resources

  • Team of experienced pros to help advisors handle every operational need
  • Marketing Support that includes client and advisor events, meetings and seminars; advertising and publicity programs; presentation and proposal materials; other print and online client materials; publications; and more
  • Compliance – professional support, not policing
  • Continuing education and development programs – wide variety, ongoing
  • Expense-and-time-control vehicles to increase client-service and client-development time
  • National Financial clearing, brokerage, and other services

“Allegheny’s staff was instrumental in the transition of my practice. They took the time to attend to the details every place I need them.”

– Don Imler, Financial Advisor, Selinsgrove, PA, with Allegheny since 2005

“Allegheny’s knowledge of the business and the resources advisors need is second to none. And they adapt as the industry changes.”
– Dave Rearick, Financial Advisor, Kittanning, PA, with Allegheny since 1998

“Our company has grown over 50% in the last three years and much of that growth can be attributed to one of the best ‘investments’ we have made … utilizing the services of Allegheny Investments. It’s a relationship now critical to our success and continued prospects for growth and superior client service.”
– Thomas A. Pandolfo, E.A., MSTX, Thomas Pandolfo & Associates, Ltd., with Allegheny since 1990

“Allegheny’s emphasis on financial planning has helped me grow my CPA practice and my clients’ assets. The operational staff responds with clarity, speed and efficiency. In short, they work with and for you.”
– Rob Spicher, CPA, Moon Township, PA, with Allegheny since 2002

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