In this digital world where credit monitoring websites, credit card companies, and banks all offer free credit scores, you can receive your credit score with just a few clicks. Have you ever noticed your credit score may differ by source? The score you see on a credit monitoring website such as Credit Karma may differ […]
Last year was full of market-moving headlines, from the war in Ukraine to midterm elections, and even a crypto fallout; there was never a dull moment. However, inflation and interest rates hold the title as the biggest market-moving factors of 2022. The two combined led the S&P 500 Index to a loss of 18%, its […]
Interest Rates The market began the 4th quarter optimistically, with the S&P 500 producing positive returns in October and November. But December turned negative, wrapping a difficult 2022 for both stocks and bonds.  The main storyline driving markets this year has been soaring inflation and the Fed’s aggressive response to tame it. The federal funds […]
Is this your biggest income-earning year to date? Do you deserve to spend that big bonus as a down payment on a luxurious vehicle after all the long hours you put in to earn this higher income?   The answer is yes and no. We all want to treat ourselves, but where do we draw […]
November’s market action continued the main themes of 2022: inflation and interest rates. Like October, these factors provided a tailwind for stocks, sending the S&P 500 Index higher by 5.6% during the month and 14.1% so far this quarter. November also marked another month of value stocks outperforming their growth counterparts. Inflation was the first […]
Who doesn`t love receiving gifts? You may argue that it’s better to gift than to receive, but did you know that gifting assets to others can also be valuable for your estate planning needs? It’s important to understand what constitutes a gift, according to the IRS, and what that gift could cost you in taxes […]
As if midterm elections, interest rates, and inflation were not enough for an exciting start to November, a cryptocurrency meltdown was added to the list. These factors combined to lead the S&P 500 Index to a 3% rise to start the month and include last week’s S&P 500 Index rally to close up 6% after […]
Inflation remains at multi-decade highs, leading the Federal Reserve to continue with plans to increase short-term interest rates. Yet, the stock market just commenced a strong October. The Dow Jones Industrial Average posted its best monthly return since 1976, and despite rising interest rates throughout the month, the NASDAQ Composite even posted a 4% return. […]