Jim and Mary, husband and wife, walked into a financial advisor’s office to ask about life insurance. They just found out Mary has late-stage cancer. Jim wanted to know if he could place a policy on his wife to cover costs associated with burial, household expenses, and mortgage payments. The couple had very little savings, […]
Sep 15th, 2022
The stock market’s rally began in mid-June and continued through mid-August when the latest inflation data showed a slowdown from July, albeit still at an 8.5% annual rate. As of August 16th, the S&P 500 Index was up over 4% for the month. On that same day, the S&P 500 Index traded at its August […]
Some might find it surprising that the S&P 500 Index is up 17% since its June 16th low through last Friday. Mixed economic signals lead investors to question whether we are amid a bear market rally or if this is the start of a new bull market. Many market participants continue to think a recession […]
Whether you have accepted a position with a new company or decided to change career paths, a new job can bring about exciting changes in your life. After updating your LinkedIn profile, your new job will require several financial decisions. Should you move your 401K? Let’s look at the top four financial changes you will […]
Let’s talk recessions. The dreaded word is making its way back into the mainstream as financial markets trade in a bear market, and the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta’s GDPNow model predicts a slight decline in economic activity for the second quarter. If this pans out, it will mark two consecutive quarters of negative GDP […]
The past few years have wreaked havoc on countless families’ lives. Not only has the world forever changed, but so have the lives of many. While health concerns have clearly been at the forefront of this change, it is no secret that financial impacts have widely contributed.  According to the 2021 Modern Wealth Survey, only […]
Jul 13th, 2022
By now, most have seen the headlines that we just finished the worst six-month start to a year since 1970. Recession fears have been increasing, leading some forecasters to raise unfair comparisons to some of the worst recessions in history and even offer predictions around how much worse the second half of the year could […]
Recession Worries We began 2022 with the economy shrinking by 1.5% in the first quarter. The most significant drag was a record trade deficit, with imports far outstripping exports and less government spending. By definition, a recession begins with two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth. Many began to wonder if we were indeed slipping […]