The holiday-shortened week ended with the S&P 500 Index in the red by about 1%, roughly the same distance it is away from its all-time high. Although markets are still optimistic, traders took a bit of a pause last week to contemplate the Delta variant of COVID-19 and how the Federal Reserve will approach monetary […]
This year started with a negative month, sending market commentators on editorials focused on the worst; rising rates, inflation fears, continued COVID-19 cases, etc. Since January, every month has ended in positive territory. Even as Delta variant cases of COVID-19 increased throughout the world, most equity markets finished August in the green. Last month did […]
The S&P 500 Index capped another positive month, ending July up 2.4% and trading close to yet another all-time high. Like the second quarter, we continue to see a rotation from the beginning of the year. Growth is back to outperforming value, and small caps are underperforming large caps. The Russell 2000 small-cap index even […]
Despite the emergence of the new Delta variant, the U.S. continues to progress toward herd immunity. Experts believe that when 70% of the population has been vaccinated or previously infected, the likelihood of another severe COVID-19 surge becomes less likely. Some are estimating that we could be close to the 70% herd immunity level today. […]
In what began as the “year of reversal,” 2021 quickly changed as the calendar moved through the second quarter. Although energy stocks finished as one of the quarter’s top performers growth stocks beat their value counterparts within ten of the eleven S&P 500 sectors. Meanwhile, large cap stocks bested smaller cap companies, both familiar trends. […]
The Federal Reserve dominated the headlines as the market waited on their post-meeting statement and Chair Powell’s press conference to detail how the Fed is consuming elevated inflation readings. Although there was not much material information shared, the market took guidance from the Fed to mean accommodative policies may not last as long as previously […]
Last Friday marked the end of May trading for markets and another month of value stocks outperforming their growth counterparts. The technology sector, therefore, growth-dominated Nasdaq Index closed May in the red for the first time in six months, but the S&P 500 Index closed higher for the fourth consecutive month. A month of volatility […]
The S&P 500 posted its second consecutive week of losses, fueled by rising inflation, talks of the Federal Reserve winding down easy monetary policy, and cryptocurrency showing its highly volatile traits. The stock market is stuck between a consumer-driven reopening powering the economy through at least the rest of 2021 and digesting what some unexpected […]