As parents, we spend our lives nurturing and teaching our children skills to help them mature into adulthood. Perhaps one of the most important skills that we can teach is often overlooked – money.  Teaching children good financial habits can dramatically impact their lives. Their financial education should start early—but it’s never too late to […]
Have you ever been on your last day of vacation and thought, “Gosh, we should do this more often.”? Don’t get me wrong—I could go somewhere every quarter and still have that feeling. Have you had an argument with your significant other over a big purchase? Most of us have been there. We all struggle […]
“Sell Everything! I want to go to cash before I lose it all!” Hearing phrases like these from investors is commonplace for financial planners when paranoia in the markets runs rampant. However, through channeling their inner behavioral economic therapist, financial advisors ease their clients’ fears and remind them of the financial plan and investment strategies […]
In this digital world where credit monitoring websites, credit card companies, and banks all offer free credit scores, you can receive your credit score with just a few clicks. Have you ever noticed your credit score may differ by source? The score you see on a credit monitoring website such as Credit Karma may differ […]
If you are like most people, you probably think 2021 cannot come soon enough. 2020 was a year of chaos and uncertainty, and the idea of what is normal has changed completely.  Navigating such a tumultuous time has required a lot of pivoting. Every part of life has been impacted by the experiences of 2020 […]
Catastrophe can strike at any time. How well protected are you? While insurance salespeople get a bad rap and are the butts of many jokes, insurance is a necessary evil. Insurance is like a firewall against catastrophic financial loss. With so many of us living paycheck-to-paycheck, we may be one illness, one layoff, one traffic […]
At the start of 2020, many people wished for a year of clarity. Like 20/20 vision? As painful as the pun may be, 2020 has turned out to be even more painful for some. Instead of spending time refocusing on how to move forward in life, it’s clear that the majority of us have been […]
Have you ever thought about someone, “They would be so successful if they could just get out of their own way.” Perhaps you’ve even thought that about yourself. Especially when it comes to money. Sometimes what gets in the way of our financial success are our subconscious beliefs about money. These beliefs are deep and […]